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  • “Whether they’re expressing their creativity or pretending to be a princess or superhero, kids love to use their imaginations. It’s through imagination that we learn to solve problems. It’s through problem solving that we recognize our strengths and superhero selves. An imaginative kid is a self empowered kid.” – Karen

    When my children were young, imaginative creative play, comfort, and confidence building were paramount in our home. Cuddling and cozying under a blanket to hear a story or to share a hug was a nightly occurrence.

    I am now the proud mother of two young adults, both young professionals, who continue to grow in confidence and expand their imaginations and problem solving skills. They still have plenty of hugs for mom and I profoundly proud of the two amazing people they have become.


    While raising my children I had the wonderful opportunity to work as an artist and professional storyteller. Through my observations and experiences it is clear to me that what our children need now, more than ever, is comfort, confidence building opportunities, imagination, and creative play. Recognizing that children need to feel successful our Super Blanky® products cover kids in confidence and self empowerment. We have discovered that they are a wonderful product for all ages and are a favorite gift idea for a child with illness or struggling through a challenge.

  • As a young mother I sewed plenty of costumes and creative play attire for my children. In 2011 I created Super Blankys® for my small nieces and nephew in order to give them the gifts of imagination, comfort and empowerment. They absolutely loved them and immediately people began to ask when I was going to create and sell my new product.

    It wasn’t long before I began making and selling Super Blanky® products by hand and I’ve been imagining super things ever since! Super Blanky® products are now manufactured with the same philosophy I used to raise my children: Cuddle them, give them the plenty of  imaginative playtime, the confidence to solve problems, and they will grow to be super kids!

    Adults love to be superheroes too. I wear my own adult sized Super Blanky® at my desk to remind myself I am strong, powerful, and totally capable of making my super dreams come true! Look for upcoming products in towels and adult sized blankets in the future.


    Super Blanky® is a proud American company with super things ahead of us. We hope you’ll subscribe to our newsletter and explore with us as we soar to new heights!


    Thank you –
    Creator & Chief Superhero
    Karen Bonnici
    Super Blanky®

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