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  • Anamarie's scarf

    Guilt Free – Supermom’s Therapy

    My friend Anamarie Sabbagh is one of those women that I look at and think “How does she do it all?” This post is a simple reminder that even Supermom needs guilt free moments, rest, and recovery time. Fortunately, Anamarie was able to wrap this moment into time spent with her daughter. Welcome guest blogger […]

  • Art Adventure

    Creative Kids are Problem Solvers!

    Pin It I am a big believer in the arts and encouraging creativity. Creative, inventive play breeds innovation. Innovation leads to problem solving. Problem solving is a skill vital for success in schools, communities and a thriving workforce. Raising creative kids is our responsibility as parents. Take time for creative play with your kids. Give […]

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    Supermom Jumps Into Action!

    We are thrilled to share the story of a Supermom who has created a company and amazing product line all in the name of keeping her son and other special needs patients safe. Welcome guest blogger Erin Wilson. Here is her Supermom story. Creating If I Need Help has been a passionate journey for me with a […]

  • Super Blessed & Grateful!

    My husband and I have raised two awesome kids but they’re still kids right? At ages 20 and 23 I’m sure they’d beg to differ. I’ll concede they are young adults now, but my babies they’ll always be. Although there was nothing earth shattering about our parenting approaches, albeit different and super conflicting at times, […]

  • Supersisters Leanna and Adalina

    Supergirls Save The Day!

    Have you heard of the superhero sister duo Leanna and Adalina? At Super Blanky we are huge fans and you’ll want to know all about how these super little heroins saved the day (October 1st to be exact). After 5 year old Leanna came home from school and shared that she was told by the […]

  • image-576x1024

    Raising a Little Leader

    Strong willed, determined, and the ability to maintain control of any situation are all incredible traits for a leader to possess. Yet, when these traits are displayed by young children parents are often faced with many challenges. Tantrums over a toy at the store, World War III over bedtime, and many spats over what to […]

  • MY-SUPER-KIDS-636x636

    Raising Super Creative Kids!

    Whether they’re expressing their creativity or pretending to be a princess or superhero, kids love to use their imaginations. It’s through imagination that we learn to solve problems. It’s through problem solving that we recognize our strengths and superhero selves. An imaginative kid is a confident kid. When my children were young I considered it […]